Inspire Author Series: Joseph B. Washington

The Inspire Author Series, presenter Dedra Walker and host Winder Public Library, is an event not to be missed. 

Meet Joseph B. Washington, the CEO and founder of Average Breaker LLC. He’s a renowned author, with his book “LET AVERAGE GO” being a bestseller. Joseph is also the mastermind behind the Three Times The Man, Inc men’s movement. He is the creative behind Running On A Broken Heel, I Am Heeled women’s movement, created in honor of his late mother who passed away in a car accident in 2011.

He is the feature author in the first of our Inspire Author Series. Author Joseph B. Washington shares from his book, Let Average Go: 7 Keys to Turn Your Average Into Awesome. 

Joseph is known for his passionate speaking style, which empowers individuals to embrace their future.

“Let Average Go” – The Book That Will Drive You Towards Success. If you are eager to surpass mediocrity and unleash your full potential, then “Let Average Go” is the book for you. This informative read offers practical and actionable guidance on how to conquer self-doubt, establish attainable objectives, and cultivate a growth mindset. The author’s engaging writing style makes it easy to follow, making this book a valuable resource for anyone seeking personal development. 

During the Inspire Author Series, the author, Joseph, captivates the audience with his insightful and inspiring remarks. The Q&A session was particularly engaging, with Joseph taking time to answer questions from the attendees. We highly recommend and encourage you to connect with the author for information on future speaking engagements.

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Author: Joseph B. Washington

Host: Winder Public Library ( )

Presenter: Dedra L. Walker (

Ad Bag Sponsor: Renita Brown (770)601-2716

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